Friends for life!

Ramya and Suhani, were the little girls who had met on the first day of playschool & have been inseparable ever since. They were the definition of soul sisters. Their families had accepted them as extended family member. The regular sleepover at school nights were not an issue. The first crushes, first love, first kiss, it was all discussed and relived together. They had made a pact to be together forever.

Suhani was always by Ramya’s side. She was there when Ramya got married and she was the perfect bridesmaid. She stood by her when she lost her first child to miscarriage. She was her cushion when she went through the failed marriage. And, they had celebrated together when she won her first nomination for Guild’s Award. Suhani thought she was being the best friend they had promised to be.

Initially, Ramya was happy with Suhani being so invested in her life. But, as the time progressed, she wanted her to move on. She pleaded and cried for Suhani to leave her alone and not follow her around. Ramya stated the obvious that no one would like to be haunted by the ghost of their best friend for 15 years!

shattered glass

How could Ramya forget the fateful prom night when the car in which they were travelling had met with an accident. Suhani’s drunk date was driving the car when it had collided head on with the incoming truck. And, Suhani was dead on spot. The physical scars had healed but the mental scars were still raw for Ramya. And, how could she move on when Suhani never left her side to cross over the bridge to the other side.

I am taking part in #BlogchatterA2Z this April organized by Blogchatter and I would be writing fictional stories this month. Hope to see you around and do share your thoughts on the story.

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