Cult Calling!

The dogs barking at a distance and the flickering street light was the only indication of the civilization on this street. A sleepy figure was waking up slowly as the moon light fell all across him. As he gained consciousness, he found himself semi-naked on the side of the street. He was drowsy and trying hard to gather his thoughts.

His memory was hazy and the faded images were coming up where he was dressed in brown Khaki pants and maroon casual jacket. Around him, there was a buzz of youngsters like him enjoying the company of friends. The aroma of coffee filled his nostrils and he could feel the taste of his drink till now on his throat. Where is he? How did he reach here? What time is it?

He started walking on the road towards the flickering tube light. He was thirsty and wanted water. Even a single sip would be good for now. It took time to adjust for his eyesight to adjust to dim moonlight. I must have been out for long he thought. He had no pants and his shirt was tattered. There was no mobile in his hand and he had even looked on the ground around him. No wallet, card or even an ID card!

He slowly regained focus as if he was in trance for long. And, the memories came flooding. He was in a coffee shop for that networking program his friend had talked about. He had gone for the meeting and there was an executive in the center of the room who was talking about this new scheme. That person was talking something important on how to get rich quickly and making easy money.

In all these talks, he saw people handing out there banking credentials, mobile phone, ATM card and clothing to the executives in the room. He was thinking to himself and trying to stop others, just when his eyes felt heavy and he also did the same others. All his banking credentials with his life savings were gone in a jiffy and he was left with nothing.

And, here he is with nothing to his name and he does not even remember his name correctly. He had gone to join the networking scheme to make some quick bucks and has lost all that he had. Was this a new cult in making? How many like him were roaming around in the city without any future?

I am taking part in #BlogchatterA2Z this April organized by Blogchatter and I would be writing fictional stories this month. Hope to see you around and do share your thoughts on the story.

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