Death by Chocolate?

Chocolate Box

“Mommy, can I have the chocolate now? Please!”, little Jocey pleaded again.

“Not yet, finish your dinner and then we will talk.”, was the usual reply she got from his mother.

“But I want it now, now, NOW…”, she shrieked.


“No Mommy, No. I won’t steal the chocolate again. Do not hit me”, and tears ran down her cheeks as she pleaded her mother.

“I will never eat chocolate again. Help me someone, this hurt”. And, she does not remember when she slept on the floor crying inconsolably.


Mother Daughter

“Mommy, eat more chocolate! You like chocolate. Eat, eat, eat more!”, she spoke in high pitched voice as her eyes sparkled.

“Me no eat, you eat more. Eat till Mommy no more.” And, she laughed like a maniac as she fed her favorite chocolate to her mother lying with her head down on the table.


The newspaper headline next day read “Mother poisoned by chocolate. Child is admitted in mental health units for treatment”.

I am taking part in #BlogchatterA2Z this April organized by Blogchatter and I would be writing fictional stories this month. Hope to see you around and do share your thoughts on the story.

Post Author: Dishki

1 thought on “Death by Chocolate?


    (11th April 2021 - 00:02)

    Oh my my, what a story.
    Death by chocolate is my favorite flavor of cake…
    and now reading this brought shivers even by looking at chocolate.

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