The Adventures of Mumma & Nu!

‘Nu…Nu…Aapi Nu‘ (Nu…Nu…himself Nu), that’s what my son keeps repeating in an endless mode nowadays. One month before turning two, my son named himself “Nu”. Of all the names Mumma gave him, he picked up this, simple and easy to pronounce. The kiddo teaches me something new every day. From being persistent & passionate, to be kind & loving, he knows it all.

He brings out the kid in me & I love being in high spirits. He is carefree & fearless. Nothing stops him from exploring the big adventure called world. He falls & gets up, shedding a tear or two & then he is back to his happy place. And, with him I am relearning to accept risks and not to be limited by any mental blockade.

The kiddo gets happy laughing at small things like popping a bubble wrap, or opening up a new package. He enjoys small things like watching cars from the balcony, or running after the birds. I realized that I had stopped enjoying the small moments like these. With him I take a step back & make more memories. Now, we both get excited at the birds flying outside the window or jumping up and down on the bed. 😀

The optimism of a kid rubs at everyone around them & I am no exception. The little kiddo looks at everything with a positive attitude and nothing is impossible for him. He is ready to jump off the bed without thinking about getting hurt. Because he trusts that I will catch him. And, his go-getter attitude also keeps me inspired to let go off my inhibitions!

The best of all is his ability to love unconditionally. A child’s heart knows no bounds. I might get angry at him for being too careless or creating a mess. But he always comes back with his cuddles & kisses. A small hug melts my heart. He does not care if mom is in her pyjamas or dressed to party. With him in my life, I am now more open to accepting the person with their flaws. 🙂

Not a day goes by, when he does not surprise me and teaches me a thing or two. There is so much more that I can write, but then let me stop for now. Have your kids inspired you in one way or another? After all, the child is the father of the man! 🙂

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Post Author: Dishki

26 thoughts on “The Adventures of Mumma & Nu!

    Prerna Wahi

    (4th December 2019 - 20:15)

    The child is the father of the man – profound and true! Enjoyed reading your post straight from your heart. The pics are awesome!

    Tina Sequeira

    (27th November 2019 - 21:57)

    Babies are indeed little angels, Disha! Their love is pure, untainted, and unconditional. Loved the post and pics


    (27th November 2019 - 17:44)

    Yes kids are great teachers, in this journey of life filled with busy schedules we miss out to many things, kids make us stop n help us notice such things n admire it, U penned down. a lovely piece…


    (27th November 2019 - 13:44)

    So true, our kids inspired us in many ways time to time, with the kids we are also learning and growing with more matured version of ourselves.Very Nice Post!

    Maneet's Blog

    (27th November 2019 - 13:13)

    It is indeed an adventure ride with kids by your side. My kids also loved popping the bubble wrap,i guess its a kids thing. A very heart warming blog.

    Anjali M Naik

    (27th November 2019 - 12:49)

    Aww this is so cute and heartfelt write up. Yes a childs unconditional love and the warm hugs and cuddles are the most precious things. My child has also taught me forgiveness, patience, unconditional love and trust.


    (27th November 2019 - 11:50)

    you have captured all the innocence of your child in a positive & inspirational way. Yes childhood innocence is the best thing we should carry with us in adulthood to stay happy in life

    sweta papaiyawala

    (27th November 2019 - 11:37)

    Lovely post. you are right, we forget to enjoy small moments of life. Our kids ask us to stop a bit and enjoy the smallest moment of life. Loved your post

    Surbhi Rastogi

    (27th November 2019 - 10:47)

    Such a positive post! And it’s true, if only we could learn to live like our children – full of life, fearless and loving unconditionally 🙂

    Rashi Roy

    (26th November 2019 - 23:32)

    That’s such a beautiful post. Loved the way you have written.

    Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    (26th November 2019 - 19:29)

    This is so true. There is a lot more that we need to learn from them . Though they might seem little we shouldn’t be underestimating them


    (26th November 2019 - 16:20)

    You’ve compiled your feelings so well that I can see everything happening in front of my eyes. Yes, we learn from our children and the learning is quite significant.


    (26th November 2019 - 14:43)

    Truly heartfelt post! We really do have a lot to learn from our children!

    My Words My Wisdom

    (26th November 2019 - 14:07)

    indeed kids keep teaching us many things in life, I think there power to forgive and forget and move on is immense


    (26th November 2019 - 11:58)

    awww… this is such a cute and warm letter. ur son is blessed to have u as a mom. kids are definitely pure at heart and u brought out that innocence just brilliantly. it is so expressive…


    (26th November 2019 - 02:00)

    “With him in my life, I am now more open to accepting the person with their flaws.” Thats so beautiful. You are right..we become a better version ourselves in many ways. They teach us to accept who we are . When we see the love and respect in their eyes, its a reward.

    Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    (25th November 2019 - 23:10)

    So sweet..and your post reminds me of those days when girls were little. indeed kids are carefree and fearless. they enjoy each tiny moments of life, and when we are with them, we also get a chance to relive spirit of amazing childhood.


    (25th November 2019 - 22:40)

    Its true, we can learn a lot from kids. They teach the most important lessons in the most simple ways. It is we who make life complicated and think it is our job to teach them, whereas they are brilliant teachers as well. Lovely post for the blogtrain


    (25th November 2019 - 22:17)

    Isn’t it amazing how much this little kids teach us! They are fearless, curious and eager to explore. I do relate with your adventures dear. Disha

    Pashmeena Chowdhary

    (25th November 2019 - 21:51)

    Children teach us so much through their innocence and love.Lovely letter..Hope to hear more about the adventures of Mumma and Nu.. 😊


    (25th November 2019 - 16:35)

    well said, kids positivity, their innocence, kids get happy at the smallest an simplest thing.
    and of-course we get to re-live our childhood with our kids.


    (25th November 2019 - 16:33)

    So true Disha. We always learn from our kids. They shape us the way we are. This is a two way relationship where both parents and kids both are teaching and learning.. Very relatable post.


    (25th November 2019 - 15:43)

    awww this is amazing!


    (25th November 2019 - 15:11)

    nice post, and true said kids are positive, get happy with smallest of things and give unconditional love.
    We rejoice or childhood with them in every step.


    (25th November 2019 - 10:36)

    Of course, kids can enjoy and find happiness in small things which I like.


    (25th November 2019 - 09:58)

    Kids, they let us relive our childhood and bring out the child lost in us. Sweet it is- Mittali

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