A woman’s dream

‘Welcome to Mumbai. The outside temperature is 32 degrees. Have a pleasant stay!’, the announcement in the flight broke Natasha’s thoughts.

She was returning to India after two years. She was eagerly waiting to breathe the air of her motherland. The two years she spent in USA seemed like a different life now.

She was given a new identity in USA the day she had landed. She had become a student again & was welcomed by her university representative. What followed was a rigorous routine of classes, assignments and essays for next two years. She was getting a good job opportunity and her professors had given good recommendations. But her heart knew what she wanted.

She could still vividly remember the hushed voices around her when she had decided to pursue her post graduation from a foreign university. Her GMAT scores were perfect and she had got the university of her choice in New York. Relatives were unhappy about her decision as she was leaving behind her two-year old in care of her husband and parents.

If not for her family’s support, she would not have been successful. There were days when she would cry with no end, she would miss her child. But, her husband’s words kept her motivated. Thankfully, she also had wonderful friends around her to keep her occupied. She was able to achieve her dream of studying in the university of her choice.

Getting married and becoming a mother should not mean to be then end goal of a woman’s life. There are understanding families who help their daughters and daughters-in-law in conquering the world. For only when a woman in happy can the household be joyous. I wish that more families learn to be acceptable of the choices woman in family make.

Do you have a supporting family? What has been your biggest achievement with the help of your family? We would love to hear from you in comments.

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Post Author: Dishki

4 thoughts on “A woman’s dream

    Nilesh Sharma

    (6th September 2019 - 21:02)

    The determination is more important then support, as lucky few are blessed with a supportive family. The tide is changing however, is my feeling 🙂


    (11th March 2019 - 16:36)

    Yes family support is utmost important in pursuing dreams. Your story gives hope to many to takeup their dreams.


    Roopali kadam

    (11th March 2019 - 14:52)

    Natasha is lucky girl to have such a supporting family and husband, wonderful read dishki. Me too blessed with supporting family members.

    Roopali kadam

    (11th March 2019 - 13:28)

    Wonderful read.. Natasha is lucky o have a supporting family.

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