Mother, sweet mother of mine… #AtoZChallenge

“Mother of mine you gave to me, all of my life to do as I please,
I owe everything I have to you,
Mother sweet mother of mine.”                 – Neil Reid


Mothers are compassionate creatures whom God made as he could not be everywhere. They are made up of hugs, cuddle, kisses and lots of love. You may roam around the world but still crave for food prepared by your mom. And, I am not the only one who feels so!

Our moms have secret systems by which they understand just on hearing our voices. How do you do it Maa?  You have the patience levels which I find impossible to obtain. Taking care of things big or small, is never a child’s play for you.

We may grow old and have kids of our own. Still our mothers never seize to amaze us. I might never say the exact words that I love you Mom, but you know we do! Only a mother’s heart can comprehend it.

Thank you for all you did & continue to do! Love you Maa 😉

Post Author: Dishki

7 thoughts on “Mother, sweet mother of mine… #AtoZChallenge


    (15th April 2017 - 23:41)


    Katie thecyborgmom

    (15th April 2017 - 23:59)

    What a beautiful post! TheCyborgMom


      (16th April 2017 - 20:02)

      Thank you! 😃

    Tina Basu

    (16th April 2017 - 15:16)

    Mums are always best.


      (16th April 2017 - 20:04)

      True! They are the best 😃


    (16th April 2017 - 19:29)

    Mothers know what is best always. A good mother guides her children, prays for them and is always available for advice and love.


      (16th April 2017 - 20:10)

      Thanks for visiting! And you have beautifully summed up a mother’s feeling for her children 😃

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