Who Am I? #TheWomanThatIAm

The double lines that made you smile,
A simple test & I never walk a mile…

A little cry that could bring joy,
 Left in garbage & I never get a toy…


The little girl in pig tails jumping across the fences,
 At age 7, in strange company I find my self defenseless… 


The frocks and skirts are long gone by, 
All I am left with is the Dupatta that saves me from cruel eyes… 


The books were replaced with the spatula,
Cause you wanted me to be a better Dulhaniya… 


Love at first sight is a Bollywood thing, 
For I know reality is what Panchayat is saying… 


No TV, no mobile, no sex education, 
At 18, you married me to the next door neighbour… 


Did you not hear me cry in pain? 
Baba, I am not ready this life long game…


For now I know, child birth is no child’s play, 
Tears that follow do not take the pain away… 


Is it right to expect me to always happy? 
When in reality I have not been myself since infinity…
Kid, Soap Bubbles, Child, Fun, Children, Girl, Joy
The world is my oyster, for I am born free, 
Nothing that comes my way should stop me, 

I studied hard to get good rank,
All I hear is the need to be married to a Babu with money in bank,

Be self independent is what Papa had taught me,
No need to work after marriage is what society forced me,

We want a modern Bahu who can bring double income,
Never spend it on yourself or beware the outcome,

Riding along the corporate ladder I struggle like any next Mister,
How many favors did she do for men is the silent whisper,

Educated & niche skilled may give the yearly appraisal,
Without culinary skills, my life is considered abysmal…

Being a woman has never been an easy job, no matter what you do or dont do will affect your life. But, with hardships comes the courage to face the world head on. This post is dedicated to all daughters, mothers & wives who fight against all odds and shine like a rockstar. Take a moment to praise all women in your life, for you never know what others are dealing with! 🙂
This post is a part of ‘The Woman That I Am’ Blog Hop #TheWomanThatIAm organized by Rashi Roy and Manas Mukul #RRxMM. The Event is sponsored by Kraffitti.

Post Author: Dishki

52 thoughts on “Who Am I? #TheWomanThatIAm

    Pooja Priyamvada

    (2nd March 2020 - 19:38)

    You expressed the lifetime of a woman in poetry so well, most women face all these hypocrisies at various stages , I love when expressed in verse

    Zenobia Merchant

    (2nd March 2020 - 19:39)

    Awesome. So much said in such little words. Excellent depiction of a woman’s journey.

    Sivaranjini. A

    (2nd March 2020 - 19:47)

    Short, sweet and straight to the point a crisp of life from your point of view 😊 enjoyed reading it 🙂

    Mahesh Sowani

    (2nd March 2020 - 19:50)

    Every woman should not marry without being economically independent. I feel that economic independence of the woman solves majority problems of women. Also marriage and motherhood should not be imposed upon a woman against her wishes.

    Jyoti Jha

    (2nd March 2020 - 20:00)

    A harsh reality prevalent in all strata of the society. No matter the situation there’s always an ordeal to deal with. Very well portrayed the hassles of being a woman and how she can draw her strength to find a place for herself.

    Swarnali Nath

    (2nd March 2020 - 20:10)

    Wowww, I just loved loved loved this poem. Each and every tale is so real. We all are facing these. I liked that line specially, “The world is my oyster”, ohh, just loved this thought. More and more power to you.

    Purba Chakraborty

    (2nd March 2020 - 20:21)

    You have raised some very important questions in your poem. I liked the sarcastic tone in it. Very well written.

    Neeraja Ganesh

    (2nd March 2020 - 20:30)

    In this day and age, it’s disappointing that women have to go through these struggles!


    (2nd March 2020 - 20:30)

    So true about the demands and expectations. We do one, they expect another. And it’s sad that women judge other women even more. Very well presented.

    Novemberschild (Romila)

    (2nd March 2020 - 20:48)

    Hi Disha

    It is so true being a woman is not easy job and I could so much relate to your post.

    Well written and every word was truth.

    Surbhi Rastogi

    (2nd March 2020 - 20:49)

    Superb writing Disha! Each statement states the truth and how! My favourites lines will be ‘Educated & niche skilled may give the yearly appraisal,
    Without culinary skills, my life is considered abysmal…’. More power to your pen!


    (2nd March 2020 - 21:06)

    Agree, this is what most women face, and it’s a shame. – Yatindra Tawde


    (2nd March 2020 - 21:16)

    Every word is very true and relates to the mist of the women! You expressed it so beautifully. I can feel of the women when her decision took by the male member of the family. Be an Adarsh bahu is the goal of a women’s life? Very well written! I second the thoughts.

    Deepika Mishra


    (2nd March 2020 - 21:23)

    A wonderful tribute, Disha. Well written.


    Ujjwal Mishra

    (2nd March 2020 - 21:31)

    Loud shout out to you, your words pierced my heart. Amazing poem. I wish I could write a poem someday.


    (2nd March 2020 - 21:32)

    Your poetry touched my heart, each and every word are so bang on in expressing the changes perfectly from being a girl to women, I resonate with your thoughts, whenever it comes to being independent, terms change it’s many clauses to create hurdles in pathway of a girl.


    (2nd March 2020 - 21:36)

    Very well said and expressed, that being a woman is no easy task at all.
    We have to pass the tests, be part of judgement, get questioned and fight our battle.
    We still shine after the hardships and storms we face.
    Great poem.


    (2nd March 2020 - 21:40)

    Wow your poem touched me so deeply. I was emotional reading this. Amazing expression.
    Deepika Sharma

    Pashmeena Chowdhary

    (2nd March 2020 - 21:42)

    It was such a heartfelt poem.. You wrote it straight from the heart..Sometimes we really have to sacrifice so much in our life as a woman..May God give more power to your pen..Best wishes .

    Shail Thosani

    (2nd March 2020 - 21:43)

    So true society forces a woman to be what they expect not what we want to be. It is very difficult to break through these pre set rules of a society but we are changing with time and have started breaking through such old fashioned rules.

    Your depiction of a life in simple and short was amazing. I loved every bit of it. Kudos to your writing.loved it throughout 🙂
    — rightpurchasing.com


    (2nd March 2020 - 23:08)

    Love this poem! It’s so cute and it send a apowerful message for and about women! Great piece of writing…Brinda


    (3rd March 2020 - 02:39)

    True representation of the situation for every women.
    I salute every woman because you are inspiring and unique in your own way.

    Poorvi Khare

    (3rd March 2020 - 05:57)

    Beautiful and heartfelt lines. Very well penned.


    (3rd March 2020 - 08:06)

    Powerful message in lovely flowing words. Loved it.

    Jyoti Arora

    (3rd March 2020 - 10:41)

    Beautifully Expressed journey of women in a poetic way
    I am born free and nobody should stop me !!


    (3rd March 2020 - 15:14)

    Most women go through this hypocrisy at all the stages of life. Very well written. Loved reading this.


    (3rd March 2020 - 17:39)

    Well said, Disha. The contrast and the similarity. Irrespective of the class or social standing, women are expected to be the perfect wife and homemaker.


    (3rd March 2020 - 17:53)

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t! That in a nutshell is a woman’s life. Across all divides, class, education, society standing, you name it. But the resilience of all women who overcome these difficulties are indeed rockstars.

    Meena from balconysunrise.wordpress.com


    (3rd March 2020 - 18:03)

    Our society is getting no better. On one hand we talk of equality and on the other hand there is no respect or individuality for women. We are all hypocrites. I only wish the future generation leads with a newer thought, a better vision and unbiased actions.. #damurureads Urvashi


    (3rd March 2020 - 19:04)

    Women have had it tough for centuries, and still do. I appreciate the positive note you ended your post on, by asking us to appreciate the women in our life- it all begins with us!

    Sonia Madaan

    (3rd March 2020 - 19:12)

    So beautifully expressed the life of a woman, her journey, the challenges she faces… everything . Loved this poem.


    (3rd March 2020 - 23:11)

    aww! you expressed it beautifully!! aamazinng!!


    (4th March 2020 - 13:31)

    Awesome writing Disha,i agree with your post.

    Such an honest poem. This is my story tool and the story of every other girl, who face the so called society norms every single minute. The survival is far more difficult for her than just being herself.


    (6th March 2020 - 10:42)

    So true . She may be multitalented but all that is considered a waste if she doesn’t know kitchen skills . You have beautifully framed life story of a woman in few words .


    (6th March 2020 - 17:15)

    The constant tussle of the heart versus the expectations everyone has from women. So well written.

    Sonam Chamaria

    (6th March 2020 - 21:15)

    Beautifully written – you described a woman’s travails accurately..


    (6th March 2020 - 21:51)

    Straight from the heart!


    (7th March 2020 - 06:46)

    Yes, being a woman isn’t easy but despite that women have reached places of authority and still are the ones that breathe life into a family. Loved your lines, very impactful.

    Ninu Nair

    (7th March 2020 - 17:53)

    What a dichotomy…story of our lives, the struggles as a woman portrayed so nicely by you.

    Aishwarya Sandeep

    (8th March 2020 - 17:00)

    Such a harsh reality that we women face everyday. Unfortunately, these lines are said by other women. Even today our society says times have not changed women need to still be in the kitchen .

    Abha Mondal

    (9th March 2020 - 17:02)

    Wonderful post. And that’s true we never know what others are dealing with.Peace and courage to every women.


    (9th March 2020 - 18:00)

    two contrasting lives of women woven into a beautiful piece. every woman has her own struggles and has her own stories.. it shouldn’t take much to appreciate her and understand her. beautiful poem. 🙂

    Priyanka Nair

    (9th March 2020 - 19:50)

    Short, crisp and excellent depiction of what a woman goes through in her life cycle.

    Gurjeet Chhabra

    (10th March 2020 - 00:51)

    This is true, woman has to face dream,freedom and struggle for everything passion, respect,care .


    (10th March 2020 - 15:23)

    And this is an ode to all of us. How much ever we speak about the equality or freedom,there’s conditions apply every where.

    Sangya Nagpal

    (10th March 2020 - 17:50)

    It’s so true that being a woman is not an easy task.We suffer a lot.You have raised the issues very well
    Sangya Nagpal

    Srishti Rajeev

    (11th March 2020 - 12:31)

    Disha, this poem touched my heart! Absloutely. It has the reality in real words. Women are so prone to external forces, culinary skills, babu with a bank balance. Really. Society must change.

    Rashi Roy

    (12th March 2020 - 01:00)

    No wonder it is the harsh reality of this world and I would say in most of the cases. Women hardly get to choose the life she wishes to live. You have portrayed it very nicely through poetry. Glad to have you in this blog hop 🙂

    Manas Mukul

    (17th March 2020 - 01:59)

    You have craft fully brought out the hardships of a every day woman. I could feel the pain hidden in those lines. Lovely effort. Do write more poetry. Thank you for giving us a chance again.

    #RRxMM #TheWomanThatIAm

    Nidhi Rawal Gautam

    (17th March 2020 - 11:49)

    Each word and line is a story of several women in India. Incredible writing Disha !

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