Wish I had an “UNDO” option….

Working on a computer, u make a mistake…u quickly press Ctrl+Z…the error is rectified….
I wish my life also had an Undo option. So I could have easily erased so many ppl n mistakes of my life…But tats another one of the “if-onlys” of my life….

U meet a stranger,become good friends n the person betrays u…Dont u feel if only u cud erase tat person from your life…At times u meet ppl in life who talk to u only for dere own good…huh…hypocrites…If I had a magic wand, all these ppl would have disappeared till now. People think that they can go on back-biting and no one will know…Oh plz…No one is so dumb !!!

To err is human. We all make mistakes in life. But at times we make “BLUNDERS”, for which we only are responsible….U know u r wrong but still u keep on repeating same mistakes. People warn u, but na…u are adamant on not listening…n den later u realize wat an idiot u r…Usse acha to hai ki dig a well fr urself n jump into it…

Yaa, I know people are wondering y all of a sudden i m writing all this…Well I had a sudden realization today of how stupid I am. Have been trusting few people who were actually worthless..Better late than never…Thankfully, was saved from a big disaster….May be u have not been true..But no hard feelings…U continue making my life hard n I will continue crossing all hurdles laughing 🙂

Having Undo option in life sounds so good na…But u cant have all good things in life.
Anyways,dere r lot more occasions when u may need “undo” option….U speak something unknowingly and den  realize its after-effects. U fight with ur best frnd for a silly reason n regret it later. U come out of the examination hall n realize u made a silly mistake….These are just few of the incidents bt dere r many more…..

Life wont ever give u “undo” option….So think before doing. We tend to make hasty decisions. n tats when we require “Undo” button…But…u wont ever get it in reality…Well, I can just say that now I will think more before acting n advise u to do the same….

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