Are You Really Free?

We have celebrated our Independence Day just few days back, which marks the freedom from the British rule. Year 2020 has marked drastic changes in lives of people all over the world. But as Indians, do you consider yourself to be really free in these testing times? There are still few perceived notions which have bound us like chains and we need to break free from them.

Social Stigmas

Covid-19 has destroyed many families, where people have lost their loved ones. Getting medical treatment is one part, but what about the stigma that follows it. Over the months, there have been reports of relatives, friends and neighbours abandoning people who have suffered from Covid-19. Not just the patients, complete families have been boycotted.

There have also been reports where medical professionals have been thrown out of their apartments, just because they are doing their duty. Can we grow up now & be free of such social stigmas?

Equality at home

Do you believe in equality? Does everyone in your home contribute equally to the household work? There are households where a woman’s place is considered to be only in the kitchen & a man is supposed to take care of family. Is it really fair in this new normal?

For working couples, who were dependent on their cooks/nanny/maids for day to day life, equal distribution of work is of utmost importance. And, even in joint families, every member needs to take ownership of one task to keep the house running smoothly. Thankfully, people around me believe in equality and are better off. But, I have heard of instances even in these testing times one person is burdened to the core! Can we now learn to be free from this inequality?

Mental Health Taboos

There might be days when you don’t feel like working and plan do nothing. It is because we are all mentally exhausted after these lockdown and stringent measures which have disrupted normal life. Kids are tired of being home. Work from home has turned into work all the time. And, dare if you try to talk about it & someone would belittle you for it!

Mental health is important. Period! There should be no questions about it. With restricted physical proximity, people are relying onto the digital world. If you feel a person is struggling with their thoughts, lend them a helping hand. Listen patiently and do not judge. Can we promise each other to be free to lookout for each other?

Job Superiority

My job is greater than your job! This myth is time independent- Covid or no-Covid. Housekeeping staff, cab drivers, sanitation workers, delivery agents (and more…) form an integral of our society. A great chunk of people in our society think that these jobs are menial.

With the complete shutdown of the country which was in place till a month ago. We have all learnt a lesson, no job is lesser. Without these helping hands, we cannot function in our daily lives. Every person is like a cog in a wheel which makes a city run. Can we be free and stop judging people on the basis of their jobs?

We can continue discussing the freedom for ever and the list of such issues will be infinite. Its time that we as a nation, start recognizing every one as a human first! You never know what baggage the other person is carrying. I am doing my part to be a better person and be free. Can you promise me that you will also learn to be free?

Are there any chains that you have broken and feel proud of yourselves? Do share your thoughts the comments with us and help us all grow together to be better people.

‘This post is written for Speakeasy Blogging Challenge2.0 2020 by Ruchi & Dipika‘.

Post Author: Dishki

14 thoughts on “Are You Really Free?

    Ishieta Chopra

    (25th August 2020 - 06:51)

    I am fairly in alignment with what you have written. While we are thinking about so many things, reading about and discussing so many things, yet there is a long way to go before we can all , truly be free .


    (24th August 2020 - 21:23)

    Completely agree, this pandemic and lock-down has made us think on many aspects. Mental health, social stigmas all are questioned, we need freedom from mind and old notions. So true it’s important to be a good human and respect humanity first.

    Amritha Srinath

    (24th August 2020 - 20:35)

    I agree with your thoughts. The day we would become absolutely free is when all of us are free from the clogs in our thoughts and actions. Its indeed a thought-provoking post!


    (23rd August 2020 - 21:16)

    My heart goes out for the ones who were locked down with abusers. I really wish each one there must have learnt a positive thing or two during the difficult times.#speakeasywithruchindips

    MeenalSonal Mathur

    (23rd August 2020 - 00:10)

    Well not only India there are many countries where these pointers are still underdeveloped. Hoping the things change soon in India.


    (22nd August 2020 - 23:13)

    A thought provoking post. Though we have attained freedom from foreign rule with are still hold by chains of prejudice. Women are fighting for basic rights, equality. There is still so much to achieve.

    sadvika kylash

    (21st August 2020 - 22:12)

    Lovely post. It will make many of us think. As you said, during lockdown it was so hard to live without those helping hands.

    sadvika kylash

    (21st August 2020 - 22:10)

    I’m sure, your post will make many of them.think! Good one. As you said, during lockdown we all learn that without those helping hands, if is more diffuctly for us to handle. Good one

    Sivaranjini Anandan

    (21st August 2020 - 21:24)

    The Pandemic has disturbed our lives and as you said these are certain issues in the society that would have a good change when people act sensibly and responsibility

    Gurjeet Chhabra

    (21st August 2020 - 12:59)

    yes, I am still struggling for equality at home. Home work is only my responsibility even if I do my hubby chore work too. I don’t know when this scenario will change.


    (21st August 2020 - 12:30)

    Thought-provoking post! It’s important to be a human first – loved this statement. I promise to learn to be free and ensure that I am sensitive towards the baggage every person is carrying.

    Alpana Deo

    (21st August 2020 - 01:11)

    I agree, there are many areas where we still need to let ourselves and our minds free. As they say, India resides in the heart its citizens so when we will experience that freeness then only we can say that yes, India is free.

    Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    (20th August 2020 - 22:32)

    I agree this pandemic has affected our lives at various level . with reduce social interaction and physical activities, many of us are feeling so stressed. but this is the time to keep patience. hope everything get normal soon. nice write up.


    (20th August 2020 - 22:14)

    There is definitely two sides of the same coin. On one hand we are moving towards progressive INDIA but on other hand we see these taboos holding us back. Well written.

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