Born this way & proud of it!

” I’m beautiful in my way
‘Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby I was born this way “

The first time heard these lyrics from the Lady Gaga’s song Born this Way, I knew this song represents a part of me. The lyrics fit the story of my life perfectly. This Women’s Day I want to celebrate for myself & to stay true to who I am.

The Unapologetic me refuses to bend to the society’s norms of how a woman should behave. The rigid boundaries were not meant to hold me. I am the carefree soul who has carved out their own path to follow. As a married woman, I am expected to be the Aadarsh Bahu doing all the cooking, cleaning & grocery shopping. It is expected that I put my needs on the back bunker and care about others first. Personally, I have never been too fond of it & whatever I do is out of love and respect for my family. Not because the society wants me to!Wedding attire

The Righteous me can never stand any injustice. I will be the first one to raise my voice and would also offend many. I can recall countless incidents where my friends had kept quite on being catcalled on road for the fear of society. And, I would be the one chasing down those hooligans away. One my teachers even advised me that this is not how “girls from good homes” behave. I was aghast then and it still angers me till date. I have learnt to face the world without heeding over the negativity.

The Caring me who is a loyal friend and holds all the closed one in her heart. Dare you hurt someone close to me and you would be answerable to me. Be it friends or family – no one messes with the ones around me. I might not have a larger group of friends, but the few close ones are all I need in life. They are dear to me and I would cross the mountains for them.

The Independent me who is a working mother is proud to handle both the roles well. The financial independence lets me take care of myself and my child. Being independent has made me fearless & be more adaptive to the changing situations. God forbid, if I have to face any adverse situations I will be ready!

As much as I want to celebrate all my good, I am also aware of things I lack. The angry me who tends to speak without thinking it through. The words once spoken cannot be taken back and I am learning to overcome this. And, for all the times I have hurt people, I wish could turn back time…

“Oh there ain’t no other way
Baby I was born this way
Baby I was born this way
Oh there ain’t no other way
Baby I was born this way

It gives me immense pleasure to share that I along with 30 other bloggers are celebrating Woman’s Day in a unique way by writing our hearts out and bringing together this special blog together #Unapologeticgirlz.

I would like to thank Radhika for introducing me. You can read her blog here.

Also, I would like to introduce Preetjyot next in the blog train. She talks about her parenting journey at her blog. You can read her posts here.

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2 thoughts on “Born this way & proud of it!

    My Words My Wisdom

    (14th March 2019 - 13:25)

    you are lovely, your thoughts are good just stay the way you are.


      (17th March 2019 - 00:22)

      Thank you! 🙂

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