Ganpati Bappa Morya – with a difference.

Ganesh chaturthi

My favorite time of the year is here, Ganpati Bappa has come home. Ganeshutsav is celebrated with so much fun & frolic across India. Bringing Ganpati idol home on Ganesh Chaturthi- praying for days- yummy sweets to eat – the Visarjan ceremony. Who would not love to be part of it ?

This is the time when I miss Mumbai the most. Every corner of the city is covered with people chanting Ganpati Bappa Morya ! Dancing at the beats of dhol tasha, visiting each others home to take blessings. Flocking up at Visarjan points 24*7.And, the mandatory visit to Lalbaghcha Raja. Those are some good memories I cherish. Every Mumbaikar feels the same. 🙂

People celebrating on Mumbai roads

I have been bringing Ganpati home since last two years & am teary eyed at the time of farewell. What hurts more is seeing that in our quest for celebration, we turn into destroyer for the nature. The elaborate idols made with POP & artificial colors harm the water bodies affecting the marine life. We have learnt from our mistake and are moving towards eco-friendly celebrations. There are campaigns educating people to Go Green !

  • Avoid using POP & artificial colors
  • Make your own idols at home using clay, soil or other organic materials- it will dissolve in the water bodies
                  Clay Gannpati made by my nephew
  • Color your idols using natural ingredients like, haldi- kumkum
  • Follow instructions from authority for visarjan at proper locations.
  • Do not throw away the decorations in water
  • And the one,I personally like most – Do visarjan at home in a bucket or a tank. You can then utilize the same water & dissolved remains of the idols in your garden. Bappa just changes form but remains with you in your own home.
    Visarjan at home in bucket
    Visarjan at home

    Let us all try our best to keep Bappa happy by celebrating in a eco-friendly way. Happy Ganeshutsav to all the readers !

    Ganpati Bappa Morya, pudhchya varsha lavkar aa 😃

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