Romancing with books

“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.”
                                                                                                                                             – Jhumpa Lahiri

book2This quote best describes my love for reading. I can live my life sitting in a library and read day & night. How many countless nights have I spent reading novels instead of course books. I remember my board exams when I was busy with Harry Potter series or my semester exams spent going through novels online. And, now my parents know about it after so many years. Sorry Mom 😀

I am sure all bibliophile fall into the same category & consider themselves to be the greatest reader/collector of books. Books are the one friend I know will never fail me. The long train journeys or the waiting for the delayed flights – a book has seen me through all. An interesting book & a cup of coffee, that’s all I need the company I need for travelling.

Recently, I came across a bookstore in the by-lanes of the city & instantly fell in love with this shop. It is kind of a reader’s paradise. All kinds of books ranging from history, fiction, non-fiction, biographies & what not! Books few hundred years old!

book1I got a book even older then my parents. On no previous occasion had I bought such old book. It like being part of history. This book was given as a prize to a school student for excelling in studies in year 1939. Whenever I open the book I can feel the same thrill that student must have felt on getting the book. It gives me the feeling of flipping through history. I know I sound so dramatic here. But, I am just being honest.

My heart cries every time I hear someone telling they don’t read books. Come on, who does not like stories. I can understand few people wont like certain kind of books. I don’t like reading biographies much. But seriously the thought of not liking any book at all sounds absurd to me.

I am sure my love for reading will continue for lifetime & I will definitely pass it onto people around me too…


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