Secrets of my Happiness!

    “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama

What is happiness? Is it a state of mind or the ultimate destination for our souls? Is it a journey that we undertake? Is happiness overrated? Think of being happy and there are nth questions about it. Have you ever wondered what really makes you happy?  For me, happiness is subjective to the surrounding environment. But does it mean that my happiness is influenced by external factors! May be or may be not. How I react in a given situation makes or breaks my happiness.

With lockdown, the work from home along with managing toddler and the household has become tiresome. There are days of gloom for no reason and there are days of immense joy. I have finally understood the secrets to my happiness.

Avoid being Hangry

I am an angry and upset soul, if I am hungry. I cannot function until I am happily fed. 🙂 Comfort food, quick recipes, elaborate meals – anything works. Even my mother will agree to it. I used to get up at night as a kid, have Maggi and then sleep again happily. Now, with lockdown in place and I have indulged in preparing delicacies which I would avoid otherwise. There is a special kind of happiness that you feel when you prepare your own favorite meals. Or is it only me who feels so?

                  Birthday Cake for Mr. Hubby








Spending Me-Time

The beginning of lockdown had caused an uproar in out set routines. The work boundaries have shifted, the kid has to be bathed, fed and then we also spend time to try & learn new activities everyday. I have realized that I am not a superwoman, trying to achieve too many things a day is not possible. We indulge in more free play now and new activities are taken up on weekends. After dinner, I relish my free time with movies/series, blogging or reading novels.

And, Mr Hubby and the little kiddo love their me-time too! The kiddo sits on his playmat and enjoys his world of cars, dinosaurs and what not. 🙂

Pretend Play with Kid

Even with more free play, an hour of the day is reserved for pretend play with my son. And, I am in awe of the imagination that runs wild. While learning alphabets, we quickly move from elephants to rainbow in the sky or the tiger in the book is his friend who took him for a jungle safari. I have even got cooking lessons on how to add spices. 🙂

Connecting with friends and family

The daily ritual of video call with the complete family is the highlight of the day. I had never thought that talking about mundane things like grocery lists can also be this interesting. To add more fun, we are experimenting with different filters on the video apps now. And, obviously there are gossip sessions too!

We have not been to office since mid-March, but the joint conference calls or the whatsapp chats with friends are a big relief! Even though virtual, we are just happy with the human connect. 🙂

These are my little secrets of happiness and I am still searching for more ways to be happy. Do these little things also make you happy? Do share your secrets of happiness with us in the comments. The more ways we know, the merrier we can all be! 😉

This post is written for SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Ruchi Dipika“.

Post Author: Dishki

26 thoughts on “Secrets of my Happiness!


    (10th July 2020 - 21:38)

    Such a happy post seriously I can so relate when toddler at home ..we seriously enjoy some fun games with kids!!


    (9th July 2020 - 15:35)

    cooking good and eating good – are both my places of solace, but honestlyl i wish i had a set of colleagues to haven evening chit chat with!

    Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    (8th July 2020 - 12:30)

    Such a cute post and I loved all the way you had shared here for keeping ourselves busy and happy. I am also had same relationship with food like you. I can not work properly until I had good food of my choice. it is really great that you had enjoyed lock down time with your family by doing different creative activities.

    Amritha Srinath

    (8th July 2020 - 09:13)

    Happiness for me is something that comes when I spend some quality time doing gardening or reading a book or just sipping a cup of coffee with some light music to hear on. One thing I have done is completely avoiding the news channels which come up with more and more depressing news. I also keep creating new activities for my son, finding out new toys or books to channelize him. We also have some picnic setup every 15 days and often have treasure hunt parties at home.

    Judy Morris

    (7th July 2020 - 14:44)

    I love to pretend and play with my kiddo also for happiness.. Also eating good food and enjoying binge watching a series I love.


    (6th July 2020 - 18:01)

    Spending me time and connecting with family are my top most too, they just get me that much needed breath of fresh air.


    (6th July 2020 - 17:05)

    That hangry word is so me, I just can’t function without food in my tummy. Connecting with friends and Family also have a new meaning now. Loved reading this.


    (6th July 2020 - 16:21)

    Your little secrets are the real treasure buddy and I too swear by them and these tiny joys of life are most significant to keep us going always.


    (6th July 2020 - 09:36)

    Thjs lockdown has been tough on most people and it’s at this time that v all need to connect with family friends and things that we like to keep ourselves happy. I also believe happiness comes from within so try to find happiness in what ever you do or do what makes u happy.

    Archana Srivastava

    (6th July 2020 - 05:12)

    Chit chat with family and friends is my secret of happiness. Well depicted Adapting the things in the way they comes in is the most powerful behavior of we humans. No one need to be a super woman when we have real reasons to laugh and live and way to get it.


    (5th July 2020 - 21:31)

    Pros n cons of lockdown are immense one of the positive point is a much needed break n relaxation from the uproar of life


    (5th July 2020 - 16:59)

    I look within for happiness and try not to make myself on external factors for my inner peace. We have to find peace within and that is true sense of happiness for me.


    (5th July 2020 - 15:59)

    I had many many video calls to my dear once. My kids loved it too. Yes, starting of the lockdown it was off beat. But that was like a detox and I felt rejuvenating my life. With kids, husband, family (video calls) and yes, house chores.


    (5th July 2020 - 12:54)

    Having me time in peace, and a tummy full can be a secret if my happy heart too. I could relate so much with the post in many levels. Especially with a toddler boss at home.


    (5th July 2020 - 12:15)

    The lockdown has made us busier. I miss so many things about the previous life that I led. Your post made me realise that I have so many additional reasons to be happy. Warm hugs. Thank you for writing this post.

    Neha Sharma

    (5th July 2020 - 12:09)

    This is such a lovely post, made me so happy. Even I can’t function properly when I am hungry and thanks to the lockdown I learnt cooking and now I feel I’m no more dependent on anyone.


    (5th July 2020 - 10:32)

    These little things matter the most when it comes to happiness. You’ve discussed important points to keep kids happy and healthy:) loved it!

    MeenalSonal Mathur

    (5th July 2020 - 08:08)

    Completely agree on the pointers with boundaries being shifted all routines need to be managed in a manner all find peace and happiness. Pretend play is game I love to play with my kids.

    Alpana Deo

    (5th July 2020 - 02:25)

    Having more family time is a biggest plus of pandemic. Initially, it felt tough but now we all have adapted to this new normal. I have tried a couple new things in last few months. I like singing but never tried karaoke. So, tried my hands on karaoke and loved the experience. Also, past few months have given me more topics to talk on my podcast channel.

    Neeta Kadam

    (4th July 2020 - 18:40)

    Very true n connect with every mom during this lockdown. Actually this lockdown teach us what is happiness n how we are far away from it.


    (4th July 2020 - 17:20)

    I think I am like you on this. External environment affects my mood and if I don’t get me time or good food, I easily get irritated. But overall I am happy for what I am, where I am and how I am.


    (4th July 2020 - 16:59)

    Connecting with friends and family this lock down has saved us from big depression and of course our children are the greatest source of motivation at all times.


    (4th July 2020 - 16:23)

    Happiness is in small little things.. Cooking for family, spending time with them. I agree let’s start picking positivvity from this big crises… Life is not that difficult as we have made it to be

    The Saffron Storyteller

    (4th July 2020 - 15:12)

    Me time is a way to celebrate the inner joy and peace. I liked the idea of being Hangry. Angry and hungry at the same time. Enjoyed reading your happiness journey. Loved the post.


    (4th July 2020 - 14:33)

    Can so relate to this post with a little toddler at home. Small things have really given me happiness like reconnecting with family and old friends.

      My Words My Wisdom

      (5th July 2020 - 21:28)

      I can relate so well to being hangry. When we are hungry the anger automatically goes up.
      Everyone needs me time even kids.

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