Seven Year Itch! #Barathon

Year 2018

I bumped into Ananth at a grocery store today & my heart skipped a beat. We smiled hesitantly and moved in opposite directions.

He was the kind of guy whom I don’t usually date, but I had still fallen for him. He was not particularly special looking, but his confidence makes him stand out from others. He was the right blend of all that you look for in a man. Kind, witty, gentle, confident and yet practical in approach.

For me, he became the center of my world. I was pulled towards him like a butterfly in search of nectar. People say that love ends after few years of marriage. And, the seven year itch became true for us. The love was mutual and so was our divorce.

This post is my Day 7 post for #Barathon 2018 and prompt was ‘Seven year itch’. You can read my last post here.

Post Author: Dishki

2 thoughts on “Seven Year Itch! #Barathon


    (1st September 2018 - 19:24)

    Oops! I didn’t see the ending coming. It was such a surprise 🙂

    I enjoyed reading this shirt story.


      (2nd September 2018 - 23:58)

      Thank you! Glad you liked it. 🙂

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