Sleeping tips for nocturnals!

“Good night, sleep tight,
Wake up bright
In the morning light
To do what’s right
With all your might.”

All my childhood years I have sung this poem at bedtime. I would wait for my mother to tuck me in and sing a lullaby. Sleep seemed to be so easy then and now falling asleep easy is a bigger task. As I grew older and turned nocturnal, now the sleep eludes me. If you want to know why I turned nocturnal, read here.

After a long day at work, all I want is to hit the bed and sleep for 10 hours straight. I follow few easy tips which help me sleep a little better.

Play soft music

Music is a relaxation booster. It helps me calm down after a tiring day and collect my thoughts. Music has the power to slow down the heart rate and breathing, which triggers muscles to relax. This is similar to changes that body undergoes for falling asleep. So, music can be a great companion for sleep. Each person has different taste in music. and you can choose your playlists accordingly. I prefer slow songs or recording of flowing water/nature sounds. 🙂

Relaxing shower

My grandmother always told us to wash our feet and hands before going to bed. Nothing soothes the muscles like a hot shower bath. It helps in relaxing and calms your nerves. And for tough winters when you are too lazy to bathe, dip your feet in hot water. It would do the trick. 😉

So, next time when you have trouble sleeping, you know what to do!

Avoid Caffeine

If you survive your office hours with cups of coffee like me, then you are sure to have trouble falling asleep. Coffee makes you feel energetic and the nervous system takes more time for relaxing. Thus, loss of sleep for you. A good practice would be to avoid coffee altogether at late evenings or have decaffeinated coffee.

Stay away from mobile/laptops

Our tech-savvy generation cannot function with mobiles. But, using mobiles while in bed a bad idea. The blue light emitted by electronic gadgets tricks your mind into thinking it is daylight. And, this exposure to light at night is not advisable. Best would be to keep mobile away from your beds.

Personally, even I fail in doing so at most nights & end up with late night binge watching. I have observed drastic difference in my sleep pattern when I avoid phone during bed time. 🙂

Have you tried any of these tricks? What works best for you? Do share your thoughts in comments with us! 😀

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Post Author: Dishki

23 thoughts on “Sleeping tips for nocturnals!

    Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    (26th February 2019 - 23:12)

    These are great tips useful for nocturnals like me


    (26th February 2019 - 14:40)

    Love the Pointers.I would also like to add Meditation to the list 🙂

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    Richa Mina

    (20th February 2019 - 11:10)

    I love the tips you’ve shared to aid insomniac. I personally always count backwards and in between i usually fall sleep


      (21st February 2019 - 00:30)

      Even I used to do that as a kid, forgot about it totally! Maybe I should also try it now. 😉


    (20th February 2019 - 09:13)

    I have a lot of trouble sleeping. Thank you for the tips, I’ll try them out. Really need them


      (21st February 2019 - 00:29)

      Happy to know that you find the post helpful.


    (20th February 2019 - 08:12)

    Tried them all. bBut with deadlines at work and unfinished work at home, sometimes they woven into my dreams and leaves me sleepless!


      (21st February 2019 - 00:28)

      Ah, tough times never last but sleep does. 😉
      Hope you are able to get good sleep!

    Yogita Amit Joshi

    (19th February 2019 - 20:58)

    Soft music indeed help in peaceful sleep. Thanks for amazing tips. This will surely help in coping with sleepless nights


      (21st February 2019 - 00:27)

      Glad you find the post helpful!

    Dipali Bhasin

    (19th February 2019 - 17:24)

    I usually adhere to all of these but a hot shower and a glass of warm milk do wonders for me. Nothing like a good sleep. I realize using the phone or laptop before bedtime hinders sleep. Great post!


      (21st February 2019 - 00:25)

      Thanks for dropping by. Glass of warm milk does sound wonderful. 🙂

    U K

    (18th February 2019 - 21:50)

    These are some really good tips for one and all. Some meditation before sleep hours also helps immensely. 🙂



      (21st February 2019 - 00:22)

      Thanks for dropping by!

    Aritra Chakrabarty

    (18th February 2019 - 21:22)

    This is an unique post n very relevant too. In this maddening fast lives we often lose sleep, due to stress, etc. These r great tips.


      (21st February 2019 - 00:21)

      Glad you found the post useful.

    Neha Tambe

    (17th February 2019 - 14:25)

    These are some great tips! I agree caffeine and mobile during bedtime can mess with your sleep pattern leaving you lethargic.


      (20th February 2019 - 23:56)

      Thank you, glad you liked the post.

    Siddhi Palande aka book_gobbler

    (14th February 2019 - 14:30)

    I am an insomniac and I can swear that these tips work. I had to see a psychiatrist and he told me these things.


      (20th February 2019 - 23:55)

      Glad that these tips work for you. And, hope that you sleep better now. Take care.

    vidhya thakkar

    (14th February 2019 - 14:06)

    When there are so many things going to my mind I try to chant god’s name and I sleep immediately.


      (20th February 2019 - 23:55)

      That’s the best way! 🙂

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