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Gibberish is the new cool ? #AtoZChallenge

Gibberish means nonsensical words or speech. I had learnt this word in school when I had taken part in a summer camp. And we used to hear it all the time from our teachers when they scolded us. ‘Stop talking all gibberish jibber-jabber’ !

The trend has taken over to speak gibberish & people can actually decipher it pretty well. I am amazed by it most of the times. ‘Coochie coo,what’s the plan for this weekend?’ – I have encountered this conversation amongst fresher in my office endless number of times. I try hard not to chuckle.

‘Googly whoosh you have flawless skin’.Or after a great performance in show hearing words like ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’. Tsk-Tsk, how do you even comprehend what is being said?

As kids we used to have secret languages around grown-ups. But I outgrew it eventually. Maybe I have become an old soul! Do you speak Gibberish ? Or understand it easily ? Eagerly waiting to here your thoughts on it !


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  1. I have two teens…they have a language of their own. Words that sound made up, like “ship”, which doesn’t mean what you think it means. Example: “I so ship the two of them”…meaning, they can see guy A with girl B in a relationship. The more you know! LOL
    Blog hopping from A to Z!

  2. Well, I love the word ‘Gibberish’. Though I often avoid to speak gibberish but sometimes it comes naturally. Also, the way kids talk these days actually sounds a lot like if they are talking to themselves or is it an alienated figure of speech or am I too dumb to understand anything? Despite being so cool at heart I feel lost at times. All because of cool ‘Gibberish’ speaking ppl 😛
    Loved what you conveyed thru this piece 🙂

  3. Ha ha ha…I can totally relate to that. Add to it the list of internet/chat acronyms and I am like an Alice in “not so” wonderland.

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