Impressive Kandy – SriLanka #AtoZChallenge

This post is in continuation of my last blog post about my Sri Lanka journey. You can read it here. We had landed at Bandaranaike International Airport early morning and travelled directly to Kandy. Kandy has been declared as the World Heritage site by Unesco. Enroute we had also visited Pinnawala Elephant orphanage.

Pinnawala Elephant orphanage

It is a care center for orphaned wild elephants located in Pinnawala village. It has largest herd of captive elephants in the world. The elephants are taken care of & nurtured. There are shows like – feeding time, bathing time for elephants where you can get close to them. The baby elephants being bottle fed with milk is a heartwarming sight.

In general the elephants looks healthy but few of them were restrained with chains. Seeing chained animals is always painful. 🙁

After this we proceeded to the hotel in Kandy for check-in. Our next stop for the day was Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.

Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic

It is a Buddhist temple where the relic of Buddha is placed. It has a serene environment. The shoes are to be removed outside and visitors must be dressed appropriately as it is place of worship. The intricate designs in the temple are  bewildering. We also got to attend the evening prayer session. The temple was crowded but worth the visit.

Dance performance at Kandy Lake Club

The dance performance consist of the 12 dance forms practised in Sri Lanka. The dancers are well-trained. We had to reach early to grab the seats. Each dance form tells a folklore which keeps you mesmerized.

Also the show ends with a fire performance by the dancers. It is the highlight of the show.

After a long day and stroll along the Kandy Lake we went back to the hotel to retire for the night. I will be continuing further with my travel experience in the next post,so stay tuned for more!

Have you visited Kandy and did you visit the Tooth Relic Temple or the dance performance.I would love to hear what you liked about the city. 🙂

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27 thoughts on “Impressive Kandy – SriLanka #AtoZChallenge

    […] of my earlier posts about Sri Lanka trip. You can read last post of the day spent in Kandy here.  Second day of the trip was spent in exploring Nuwara Eliya and nearby Ramboda […]


    (11th December 2018 - 22:36)

    This is one place I really wish to visit and long time pending in my bucket list and you have really made me realize that I should make plan soon !!!


      (29th December 2018 - 12:28)

      You should plan soon and do let me know your experience.


    (11th December 2018 - 23:03)

    My cousins had been to Sri Lanka recently and they spoke about Kandy and the elephant camp. Their daughter enjoyed the bathing time while they spoke highly of the dance performances.


      (29th December 2018 - 12:22)

      It is a lovely place to be and surely kids enjoy with elephants. 🙂


    (12th December 2018 - 04:17)

    It’s amazing to read about different places, there distinct cultures n see pictures. Your post is a treat. Thanks for sharing


      (29th December 2018 - 12:20)

      Glad you liked it.

    Preeti Chauhan

    (12th December 2018 - 11:10)

    Loved getting the virtual tour of Kandy through your eyes and yes mixed feelings about the baby Elephants in captivity, I have heard tales of cruelty about them.


      (29th December 2018 - 12:20)

      Even I agree with never holding animals in captivity. But, this place is more like a rehabilitation center. The elephants are rescued and taken care of.


    (12th December 2018 - 13:14)

    Your post is simply beautiful; O read the post later but first saw the series of pics a few times. beautifully written. 🙂


    Richa Mina

    (12th December 2018 - 15:16)

    I’ve been to Srilanka but it seems i missed a few good places that you’ve shared here. I’m keeping it in my bucket list


      (29th December 2018 - 12:16)

      There is always a next time! 😀


    (13th December 2018 - 07:16)

    No, i have visited Kandy but after your post I love to visit it. It’s truly seems to be a great place.


      (29th December 2018 - 12:15)

      Do plan soon 😉


    (13th December 2018 - 11:54)

    I have never visited this country but many of my friends have shared their beautiful experiences about Srilanka. It is in my bucket list.


      (29th December 2018 - 12:14)

      You should surely visit it.


    (13th December 2018 - 16:22)

    I’ve heard a lot abut Kandy and Pinnawala Orphanage for elephants. I’m sure it would have been a memorable experience at these sites of importance.


      (29th December 2018 - 12:14)

      Yes, it was a memorable experience. 🙂


    (13th December 2018 - 17:05)

    I loved reading this. This place has been on my bucket list for a while and all the more reasons why I feel like visiting it now.


      (29th December 2018 - 12:13)

      Glad you liked it!


    (13th December 2018 - 19:37)

    Wow Sri Lanka seems to be an amazing place you covered it wonderfully the dance performance seems so good


      (29th December 2018 - 12:13)

      Dance performance was the highlight of my visit. Thanks for dropping by.


    (13th December 2018 - 22:41)

    Srilanka is indeed a place on my travel bucket list. Your post is surely making me feel that i should plan a trip asap. Lovely post😊


      (29th December 2018 - 12:11)

      Glad you liked it!


    (14th December 2018 - 00:10)

    I’m visiting Sri Lanka in Feb. Will definitely check out this awesome place


      (29th December 2018 - 12:11)

      It is a must visit. 🙂

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