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I had visited Dehradun in monsoon over a long weekend. We drove for Delhi on our own & spent first day exploring Dehradun market. You can read my previous post here.

Day 2

After having breakfast at McDonald’s, I had plans to visit the touristy places in Dehradun.

Forest Research Institute
The building is built-in Victorian architecture style & is a National Heritage Site. You might recognize the building from various movies shot here. It boosts of museum open to public. If you are interested in flora & fauna, then you should add this place to must visit list.
Source- wikipedia
Unfortunately, I did not spend much time here and don’t have any clear pictures.
Robber’s Cave – Guchhu Paani
This is a popular picnic spot in Dehradun located around 10 km outside the city. It is a naturally formed cave through which water flows. You can walk inside the cave by passing through the cold water. At places, small waterfalls are also visible. For me it was romantic experience, entering the cave by walking through the knee-deep water. πŸ™‚
It is advisable to wear water-resistant clothing & shoes for wading through the water. Slippers are easily available on rent. Also, there are food stalls present at the entrance serving Maggi & Momos.
There is a story that robbers used to hide in this cave, hence it was named as Robber’s Cave by Britishers. Funny how some places get names!
Mindrolling Monastery
The monastery is located in Clement Town Area, Dehradun. The tranquil atmosphere around the monastery & the beautifully carved stupas capture your eyes at the first sight. It is also surrounded with lush green gardens. The place also serves as learning center for monks. I had spent few hours sitting here & did not even realize it.
It was almost evening by the time we had visited all the places & time to head back to the city in search for food. For the last day we went to Mussoorie, I will continue with my travel adventure in the next post.
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31 thoughts on “Places to visit in Dehradun! – #MyFriendAlexa”

  1. This post tickled the traveller in me… Lovely post blended with some nice pictures. Thanks for sharing… Will look forward for the next post πŸ˜ƒ

  2. I did visit Uttarakhand earlier this year but didn’t get a chance to visit Dehradun and I do regret it!

    Your post does make me want to visit it real soon, bookmarking these recommendations for my next visit πŸ™‚

  3. Having “lived” my entire summer and winter vacations in Dehradun, I haven’t left a single spot unvisited and I can easily say that Gucchu pani (Robber’s cave) is my favourite spot. There’s also Santala Devi through the Cantonment area, leisurely trek of about 4 km, which comes close to second. Sahastra Dhara and Lachhiwala used to be great family picnic spots but they have been ruined by over-commercialisation.
    Next time, try visiting Santala Devi.

  4. i have been to dehradun couple of times but other than famous biscuits. i have never explored it. i feel so stupid now that how much i have missed. i need to give it a visit soon in my next india trip

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