Kids 101 – Toddler milestones for two year old!

toddler sitting on beachHow often have you heard parents talking about terrible twos? The toddler tantrums can be terrible times, but there are ways to manage them. A child at two years is exploring the environment & learns to exercise his control over things. As a mother to a toddler, I am sharing the tips that I follow to help my child with his development milestones.


Language development

Children learn to speak when we talk to them. Pointing to an object & describing it is the best approach to help with language development. I have observed with my child that he knows few words, would speak them for few days & then stop saying it. We started repeating such words more into our conversation & he is back to picking up the language. Story telling is another important tool for language development.

The children at this age should be able to understand basic commands & respond to it. They can have up to 50 words in their vocabulary & will try to connect words into sentences. They will still continue to communicate via signs & actions. If you are worried that your child is a late talker then consulting the paediatrician is advisable.

Tantrum troubleshooting

Two years old enjoy their new found freedom. They might pick up a wrong word or throw a fit when their demand is not fulfilled. A child crying in the middle of a shopping arena is a sight we have all witnessed & are very well familiar with. How do you deal with it?

  • Remove the object which is the cause of the tantrum.
  • If the object cannot be moved, like in a shop, move away from the place which has distraction.
  • Talk to your child in a soft voice & help them understand what is wrong. If need arises, then ignore the unwanted behavior.
  • At times ignorance is a blessing in disguise.

A few times, telling my child not to do something has resulted in the repetitive behavior. In such situation not reacting & ignoring has worked well for me. Does it work for you?

Maintain consistency of routine

Children love when they can predict what’s coming next. Having a routine set for the day helps them. Have a timetable set for meal times & nap time. It does not mean that you do not experiment.

Experiment by including variations in the meal options. Introduce at least one food item every week or fortnightly. For play time, include new activities like finger painting or free play slowly. Rushing through things leaves them confused. As my kid grows I also plan to introduce him to geometris patterns to improve fine motor skills.

As an eager parent, I had bought a whole set of new books for my son. Giving him too many options left us not using any of the books completely. He would begin with one book & rush to the next in few minutes. Removing too many books and selecting best baby books made the reading time fun again! 🙂

Involve them in daily chores

My son loves to help us in the daily chores. Cleaning the table after meal times or helping with carrying soiled utensils. He also likes to help with hanging up the laundry to dry. Each small act gives him immense joy. His eyes sparkle when we respond by Thank You for his help.

Keeping the child involved with household activities, makes them responsible. It gives them a sense of belonging and achievement. Praise them for their help & you will notice the difference!

Kids turn two only once & as parents we should make the most of it. Soon they will grow big, start the school and then life happens. We should call it Thriving Twos & not terrible twos!

What tips & tricks do you follow to keep your child engaged? Are there any other suggestions which can help fellow parents, then do share with us in comments.

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(Disclaimer – This post is written after extensive research & personal experience and should not be treated as medical advice.)

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Post Author: Dishki

55 thoughts on “Kids 101 – Toddler milestones for two year old!

    Kids 101 - Lion or Lamb! - Life, my way

    (30th September 2019 - 00:44)

    […] I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa. You can also read my last post here on toddler milestones. […]

    Princy Khurana

    (30th September 2019 - 00:25)

    good compilation. helpful for toddler parents who are worried abt milestones.


      (1st October 2019 - 00:58)

      Thanks for dropping by!


    (29th September 2019 - 16:03)

    Involving kids in daily chores is so imp. We often don’t give them responsibility whereas at this age they want to do things on their own.


      (1st October 2019 - 01:00)

      True, giving them responsibility makes them independent & also encourages them to explore on their own.


    (29th September 2019 - 14:06)

    Knowing the baby’s milestones are really crucial for the parents. And we must also follow the right nutrition and over all development patterns of the child.


      (1st October 2019 - 01:27)

      Glad you found the post helpful. Thanks for dropping by!


    (29th September 2019 - 12:33)

    Valid points. These will helpful for the kids.


      (1st October 2019 - 01:28)

      Thank you. 🙂


    (29th September 2019 - 00:33)

    I am totally in this phase with my son. He is bearing with us. I have fixed books for times that ways too many books but he knows which one is coming at a particular time. Another thing working for us is exploring Colors, paints, çrayons, sketchpens. He just loves them and hours go by just like that. I am definitely trying to control tantrums being soft and easy but most of the times I give in. Will keep trying. . #damurureads #myfriendalexa


      (1st October 2019 - 01:30)

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I have just bought first set of colors for my kid & he is enjoying them thoroughly. 🙂


    (29th September 2019 - 00:32)

    This is such a helpful post …and Yes I too involve my little one in house chores!!


      (1st October 2019 - 01:30)

      Thanks for dropping by Ruchie. 🙂

    Sarah T

    (29th September 2019 - 00:27)

    These are some really useful tips and yes engaging the kids in the household chores definitely helps bigtime


      (1st October 2019 - 01:30)

      Thanks for dropping by!


    (28th September 2019 - 23:15)

    Even my kids helps in all the chores, they value the work.
    #millennialscribbler #myfriendalexa


      (1st October 2019 - 01:31)

      That’s a great value you have instilled in your kids. Thanks for dropping by.


    (28th September 2019 - 22:50)

    My 2 yo daughter has all these symptoms

    Touching post

    I can relate


      (1st October 2019 - 01:34)

      Glad you could relate to the post. 🙂


    (28th September 2019 - 20:41)

    Such helpful tips as we are just in our turning into two phase and struggling and winning …


      (1st October 2019 - 01:38)

      And, we shall all win! We are also in the same phase and rocking it. 🙂

    Narinder Bhatia

    (28th September 2019 - 20:13)

    Parenting is not easy and as parents, we need to ensure that the child’s growth and development contiues uninterrupted. Your pointers are quite comprehensive for anyone looking to parent a two-year old.


      (1st October 2019 - 01:01)

      Glad you found the post helpful. Thanks for dropping by!

    Dr.Amrita Basu

    (28th September 2019 - 19:47)

    Thriving twos is a great way to describe.We draw a lot together.


      (1st October 2019 - 01:02)

      Thanks for visiting!

    judy morris

    (28th September 2019 - 19:34)

    This is quite an informative and helpful posts for new parents. I remember we as new parents were so confused about milestones.


      (1st October 2019 - 01:02)

      Glad you found it useful. Thank you. 🙂

    simi sp

    (28th September 2019 - 19:21)

    a well to go post for parents of 2years well written.


    (28th September 2019 - 18:05)

    I agree Disha. these milestones have an strog impact in future of the toddler. Vocab- routine everything act as base.


      (1st October 2019 - 01:08)

      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


    (28th September 2019 - 14:28)

    Terrible twos is the worst phase of parenting till u r there. once u r out of it, it looks like a cake walk. that’s the irony!! But yes u pointed good techniques to manage the age and distress associated.


      (1st October 2019 - 01:17)

      We are just beginning the Twos & hope it would be a cake walk. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


    (28th September 2019 - 14:00)

    This was a really good post with several informative tips on how to handle toddlers. Thanks for the same. You have enumerated some excellent points.


      (1st October 2019 - 01:21)

      Glad you found the post helpful. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

    Pooja Priyamvada

    (28th September 2019 - 12:36)

    Useful content for parents

    Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    (28th September 2019 - 11:42)

    That’s a lovely article and I’m currently enjoying the thriving two now
    #tmmreads #myfriendalexa


      (1st October 2019 - 01:42)

      Aww, I hope you are having a wonderful time. Thanks for dropping by!


    (28th September 2019 - 10:33)

    Involving them in daily routines is so important. They learn by doing and repetition.


      (1st October 2019 - 01:44)

      Thanks for visiting.

    Noor Anand Chawla

    (28th September 2019 - 09:58)

    I don’t know about the other milestones but I definitely faced the terrible two tantrums with my little one!! Haha, on a serious note though, his language skills also developed a lot.


      (1st October 2019 - 01:46)

      Tantrums do become tough to handle at times, but I am enjoying the phase when he is getting self-independent.
      Thanks for dropping by.

    Gunjan Upadhyay

    (28th September 2019 - 09:54)

    true that, Kids this age want to explore and loves to take part in daily chores, my son loves to help me too. Happy Alexa


      (1st October 2019 - 01:46)

      Thanks for visiting. Happy Alexa to you too! 🙂

    Arushi Seth

    (27th September 2019 - 23:58)

    Very well written post. I completely agree with all points mentioned. Ignoring the tantrum helps most of the times and still works with my three year old. Lovely post!!


      (1st October 2019 - 01:49)

      Ignoring becomes tough but sometimes it becomes necessity. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

    Rashi Roy

    (27th September 2019 - 09:10)

    Yes, I can very well relate to the post. Toddler milestones are fun!


      (1st October 2019 - 01:52)

      We are just turning two & for now it’s a game of wait and watch for me. 🙂


    (27th September 2019 - 00:09)

    Its the perfect guide you have here for us in times of distress; terrible twos indeed is a tough phase!


      (1st October 2019 - 01:24)

      Glad you found it helpful. 🙂

    kinshooagrawal (@kinshooagrawal)

    (26th September 2019 - 13:08)

    Informative post. While parents should keep expectations practical yet alert for red flags. Involving kids is chore is a wonderful practise


      (1st October 2019 - 01:25)

      Thanks for dropping by!


    (26th September 2019 - 09:34)

    Informative article for the parents whose kids are around 2 years of age


      (1st October 2019 - 01:25)

      Thank you. 🙂

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