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The Chosen Ones

You were there when I was trekking at high mountains,
You were there when I was camping in the desert,
You were there when I was enjoying on the beach,
You were there when floods & earthquakes strike,
You were there guarding the Land, Sea & Air.

You are the sons & daughters, brothers & sisters,
You are the ones who leave their families to save ours,
You are the best amidst bests of men & women,
You miss the Diwali, Eid or Christmas celebrations at home,
But your happiness to serve the nation surpasses it all.

Salute to all the soldiers guarding our borders,
You are the true heroes – The Chosen Ones!

(Image copied from internet)


Mystic Baratang Island,Andaman


Just Another Day…NOT !


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  2. Very true. Our soldiers are our heroes. We cannot repay them.
    While framing this ‘hero’ topic for Indispire, I had them in mind. Glad you shared.

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