The viral fever! #Barathon

‘Nipun, you sing beautifully and your voices captivates everyone in the vicinity. You should be a professional singer’, his friend said to him while they were scavenging through garbage for food.

‘Stop fooling around, who will give opportunity to a beggar like me!’, Nipun replied.

He was homeless and lived from one place to another. He roamed on the streets and never had any formal education or vocational training. But, he had always secretly wished to be a singer. He sat on the traffic signals and begged or sometimes worked at construction sites. This has been his life since he could remember.

He kept humming tunes as went about his life day and night. Things took a turn when a music director heard him singing on the road and recorded his voice. It was then uploaded on YouTube. and became viral in the country.  Soon enough, he got his six minutes of fame and an opportunity to be a professional singer.

This post is my Day 6 post for #Barathon 2018 and prompt was ‘Six minutes of fame’. You can read my last post here.

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