5 things you should never tell a new mom! #Superbloggerchallenge2018

Motherhood is a nerve-racking experience where your hormones play havoc & to top that there are people giving unsolicited advice. You might have thought after pregnancy you will not be dealing with the nosy aunties & uncles. Bet you were wrong! If you are visiting a new mom then remember these five things you should never say to them.

  1. Watch your weight – She does not need to know how soon you had lost your baby weight. She is an individual & everybody has a unique body type. You do not need to brag about it. Let her be herself!
  2. Breastfeeding or formula – What a mother decides for her child is a private affair. You are not welcome to comment on it. This is not a general discussion topic. Though breastfeeding is mandatory for first six months, there can be rare circumstances which need an alternative.
  3. Her baby cries too much – A baby has needs which a mother knows best. She understands her child’s cry and expressions. Do not always tell her that the baby is fussy so it needs to fed. Baby might need a diaper change or could be sleepy or be tired. Do not interfere too much with how a mother handles her child.
  4. Catch your sleep when baby sleeps – This is practically the most absurd suggestion I have heard. A new-born cries-feeds-burps-vomits-poops-sleeps, this is a vicious cycle. By the time mother can sit the child is up again. And there are a gazillion things to do when a baby sleeps. Instead of commenting, help her out by taking up household tasks.
  5. Discuss her future plans – A mother may decide to stay at home for her kids or join her job back. It’s her decision & she will weigh out all her options. Do not make her feel guilty if she joins office & do not make her feel insignificant if she chooses to stay at home.

I am sure you can relate to few of these pointers. Do share what was the most annoying suggestion you ever got?

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Post Author: Dishki

7 thoughts on “5 things you should never tell a new mom! #Superbloggerchallenge2018

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    (9th April 2018 - 18:30)

    bang on post Disha 🙂


      (10th April 2018 - 21:15)

      Thanks for dropping by.


    (7th April 2018 - 00:31)

    As soon as baby is born, advices comes free..


      (9th April 2018 - 15:32)

      Free advices are the worst ones. Never liked them much.


    (6th April 2018 - 18:37)

    Been there. 🤗🤗
    Thing is people say something or the other, no matter how good you think you are doing. So best thing concentrate on you baby, ask for help when needed. And do find some time for yourself.


      (6th April 2018 - 23:58)

      True, you can never please everyone. We need to focus on ourselves and our baby. Thanks for visiting! 🙂

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