Adoption – Gift a Family! #AdoptUCare

“Not flesh of my flesh
Nor bone of my bone,
But still miraculously my own.
Never forget for a single minute,
You didn’t grow under my heart
But in it.”
Fleur Conkling Heyliger


The day you decide to become a parent, you open your hearts and fill it with never-ending love. Parenthood is a 24*7 job and requires years of practice and patience. Once you are a parent, there is no turning back.

Before being a parent comes into picture of how you decide to be a parent. Pregnancy,surrogacy or adoption – whatever you choose, your child will always be special. Of all, adoption has always had a special place in my heart. This month in collaboration with #BlogchatterProjects, I will be talking about Child Adoption in India and doing my bit to raise awareness about it.

Reasons why people plan for child adoption –

1. Have the love and means to offer to a child – If you have love and understanding to share beyond your biological connections, then you should plan to adopt. Motherhood does not come from giving birth to a child, it comes naturally when you decide to hold a piece of your heart in your care forever. You may have the means to provide for a child when others can’t.

2. Cannot have biological children – There is no denying the fact that when you desire for an addition to the family, you will go all lengths to fulfill it. Some people plan to adopt a child, when they cannot have a biological child due to some medical history or health constraints.

3. A single parent – We have moved ahead with times and single parents are readily willing to nurture a child and have a family of their own. A genetic connection is no barrier for them to be parents. And, thankfully we have enough people around us for such inspiration.

4. Inter-family adoption – These are very common occurrences in our country. A large family with many kids has a child adopted by a close relative. The child is adopted by the guardian, thus becoming their parent legally. Many of such cases are open adoption where the child knows his/her biological parents and forms a close bond with them too.

5. Being adopted as a child themselves – Few people might want to adopt if they had been adopted themselves as children. It is their need to give back to the society and help a child in need to live a privileged life.

6. Just cause it comes naturally to them – Some people do not need a reason to decide for adoption. It comes as naturally to them as breathing. They might have desired forever to adopt a child. It may be out of
religious, more or ethical reasons or maybe none.

Whatever be the reason, it is a huge step. It is not easy to open your hearts and home to a child you have never known or conceived. So, when you decide to adopt a child, your decision impacts the life of many people. And, it should be taken after a thorough thought process and not on an impulse.

Are you an adoptive parent yourself or a prospective adoptive parent? Do you know anyone who was adopted as child? We would love to hear your thoughts on adoption in comments. In the next post, I will be talking about the adoption agency of India,CARA.

If you are also passionate about this cause, then do share this post with your family and friends.

Post Author: Dishki

30 thoughts on “Adoption – Gift a Family! #AdoptUCare


    (22nd November 2018 - 12:05)

    Yes, one of my close friends too has adopted a girl as a small baby. She is now 17 and yet does not know that she is adopted. They had requested us all who knew to forget the incident and so have we. Its is jst that your post was so good and on this topic that I brought this up. 🙂


      (23rd November 2018 - 12:57)

      Thanks for sharing UK. Great that your friend adopted the child and gave her a family. 🙂
      I hope they never have to face any issues if the child does get to know about her adoption. Best wishes to the family.

    Shubhra Rastogi

    (19th November 2018 - 19:00)

    Great topic, all the best with your project.
    #YellFree #BlogchatterProjects


      (23rd November 2018 - 12:58)

      Thanks Shubhra, and I am equally intrigued about your project. All the best! 🙂


    (19th November 2018 - 15:25)

    A child is indeed a gift to any family. Kudos to you for taking up this project.


      (23rd November 2018 - 12:59)

      Thanks a lot for dropping by. Trying to do my bit. 🙂
      Do share the word wherever you can.


    (18th November 2018 - 00:00)

    A noble initiative to spread awareness regarding adoption in India.

    Thanks, Diksha! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.


      (23rd November 2018 - 13:00)

      Thanks for dropping by.


    (15th November 2018 - 23:35)

    I am in awe of people who have so to share with a precious child. I was thinking of adopting at one point of my life…


      (23rd November 2018 - 13:00)

      Thats a great thought. Its never to late 🙂


    (15th November 2018 - 18:34)

    How lovely is this campaign! Warms my heart. Good luck, Disha!


      (23rd November 2018 - 13:04)

      Thank you. And, I like your project theme too. Not all of us can express words freely and having a platform to showcase it is awesome.

    Jhilmil Bhansali

    (15th November 2018 - 12:51)

    I’m not an adoptive parent but I have huge wish to adopt a baby girl and upbring with lots of love. Thanks for this post


      (23rd November 2018 - 13:05)

      Thanks for dropping by Jhilmil.
      Its the thought that counts and I hope your wish comes true. 🙂

    Ramya Abhinand

    (15th November 2018 - 12:02)

    A topic that needs to come out in the open more… I am so happy this is your project intiative and would love to support this..


      (23rd November 2018 - 13:06)

      Thanks a lot for your support Ramya.
      We can all do our part by talking about it in public with family and friends. Every effort counts.


    (14th November 2018 - 18:15)

    A lovely blogpost. I always wonder why marriages fall through when any of the partners is unable to fertilise especially when there is a wonderful option of giving aa hom to a small child who you can nurture and live.

    The taboo around it is ridiculous and I hope people are able to open their minds to this option as well.


      (23rd November 2018 - 13:08)

      That’s exactly the point I want to highlight. Breaking this taboo is so important. Every child is precious and its not just blood relation that counts.
      Thanks a ton for sharing your thoughts. 🙂


    (14th November 2018 - 16:23)

    We have a son but I want to gift him a sister. Now I cant go through these pregnancy days again. I have planned that on my son’s 5th birthday, I will gift him a baby sister. Basically I want to adopt a baby girl. Please do share more details on your next post. This is such an amazing initiative.


      (23rd November 2018 - 13:09)

      Aww, that so sweet. I am sure your son would love having a little sister around. Do keep visiting to know more about the adoption process. I will sharing details in coming posts.

    Richa Mina

    (14th November 2018 - 15:59)

    Adoption is a very good way for many who crave for a child but can’t have there own, it even help a poor soul who might not get parents love. Legally adopting a child is helping a child.


      (23rd November 2018 - 13:10)

      True that Richa, adopting legally is the right thing to do!

    Preeti Chauhan

    (14th November 2018 - 12:21)

    I had one such couple who were initially resistant to the idea of adoption but finally after spending lakhs of rupees in infertility treatments, decided to adopt a baby girl and are now happy.


      (23rd November 2018 - 13:16)

      I am glad they found their happy ending. 🙂
      Unfortunately, there are too many people who avoid taking the adoption route and get depressed for not having a family.
      Hope that this generation is more open to adopt.

    Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    (14th November 2018 - 00:46)

    This is such a sensitive issue and you are tackling it so gracefully with this projects. I have few friends who had adopted child and I know it has been an up down journey for them, looking forward for your upcoming posts. all the best! #CleanEatingBySurbhi #BlogchatterProjects


      (23rd November 2018 - 13:17)

      Lucky Families. 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by Surbhi.


    (13th November 2018 - 21:59)

    I have heard about many inter-family adoptions, but never seen one myself. It would be interesting to read stories and examples of other parents who have adopted. Quite a thought provoking topic for #BlogchatterProjects


      (23rd November 2018 - 13:18)

      Thanks for dropping by. I have known quite a few people with inter-family adoptions. Would talk about it in coming posts.


    (13th November 2018 - 21:05)

    I feel that there are truly six solid reasons for wanting to adopt a child. Very nice and informative post.. An social eye opening..


      (23rd November 2018 - 13:20)

      Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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