Types of Cancer Treatment! #CauseAChatter

Cancer treatment is the use of multiple tests & procedures used to stop the spread of cancer cell, cure them or shrink the cancer cells. Depending upon the medical history and clinical opinion a patient can be given a mix of treatments. In today’s post I would be discussing the major treatments followed across the world for treating Cancer.


Its the procedure in which a surgeon operates to remove the cancer from the body. It may include removal of partial or completely affected part and surrounding areas in the body. Each surgery has its own methodology and different recovery time.


It uses high dosage drugs to kill the cancer cells in the body. It works by stopping/ slowing the growth of cancer cells. It can also be used to shrink the tumor cells which cause pain. With the positive side of chemotherapy, comes the exhaustion and other side effects, which are treated along side to reduce the pain.

Radiation Therapy

It used high powered radiations to kill the cancer cells. It can be treated from outside using a machine or source of radiation can be placed inside your body. Radiation therapy can cause trouble with eating habits and thus special focus is done on the calories and proteins to maintain body weight.

Targeted Therapy

This treatment targets the change in cancer cells on how they grow and divide. With more research on the specific type of cancer, the doctors are able to focus on how to develop therapy to block the effect of cancer cells.

Bone Marrow Transplant

It is also known as stem cell transplant and is generally given to patients who receive Chemotherapy or Radiation therapy. Healthy blood-forming cells are injected into the veins to replace the cells killed during cancer treatments. It is mostly used for the body to recover quickly from the side effects of high dosage treatments of Cancer.

These are just few types of treatments and there are numerous other options available. Each cancer patient is a different case and should be treated under expert advice. This post should not be taken as a medical advice!

I am taking part with Blogchatter in Blogging with a Purpose with #CauseAChatter. The causes that I care about are Cancer Awareness and Child Adoption Awareness.


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