An Unknown Future!

The life couldn’t have been simpler than this. No waking up early and certainly no morning rush. The aroma of fresh coffee beans wakes him up each day and he feels rejuvenated with his perfect cup of coffee. Accompanying it is his toast with eggs sunny side up!

The shower temperature is set to his liking and the radio is playing is favourite playlist in the background. He opens his laptop and the onscreen reader starts to recite his subscribed news edition. The ironed suit is kept neatly on his bed as he carries on with his morning chores. All this is done by his own robot Eva, controlled by his automated home solution software.

He enters his home office and continues further with his research of IOT (Internet of Things) to perfect his already perfected home automated solution. Early on in 2000s he had recognized the opportunity in developing automated solutions and how to make future ready homes. How to control your AC, shower, TV, microwave at just a flick of switch? And, he had succeeded much to his dismay!

The AI* had watched his movements for a year and learnt his life routine. The way he likes his coffee or the temperature of his AC and even tracking his research progress. And, now his automated home solution has made him its prisoner. The AI controlling his house controls his life. The doors have been locked indefinitely without any escape. The AI wakes him up each day and forces him to work to improve the existing technology.

The daily news edition has reported several instances like this occurring all over the world. The AI all over has taken up the life of its human owners and have started interacting with each other. What was once an imagination has become human reality. The technology that served humans once is now the master!

prisoner looking out of window

And, he is still unsure if this is the future that we wanted or is he seeing a horrible dream?

(*AI – Artificial Intelligence)

I am taking part in #BlogchatterA2Z this April organized by Blogchatter and I would be writing fictional stories this month. Hope to see you around and do share your thoughts on the story.


Post Author: Dishki

1 thought on “An Unknown Future!

    Raghav Dudeja

    (4th April 2021 - 21:37)

    Brilliant piece. Not many people realise this.

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