Tips when Parenting does not go as planned!

There is no such thing as Perfect Parenting. It has ups and downs, highs & lows. The child will be unruly & you will be frustrated. These will be days when you feel like failure, take a deep breath and follow these tips.

Involve others into parenting

It might be the right time to involve a grandparent or an older sibling. Kids might get fussy and not listen to you. But, they will very much agree to what a grandparent tells them. Utilize the child bond’s with their favorite uncle or aunt. It works like a charm.

Let kids be their own teacher

It is rightly said the the child is father of man. Trying to be too involved with kids might not be the right approach. Let the kids make mistake and learn from it. Remember when your child took their first step. He would get up every time he falls & in the end learnt to walk by themselves. Therein lies the important lesson to be remembered for a lifetime.

Focus on the solution not the problem

When you are in a fix, try to gather your thoughts and find a solution. The child is being adamant about something, then listen to him. He is mostly trying to convey his feelings to you. This is especially needed for the kids who have not learnt to speak for themselves. My toddler does not speak in full sentences yet. But, the broken works on actions are sufficient to understand his needs.

Take a break

I can never emphasize this enough, but a little me time for your own will do good for complete family. It should be the time when you relax & let go of all the parenting stress. Be it cooking, reading or walking – anything that helps you to unwind.

Every child is different and what works for me might not work for you. Trust your instincts and you will e fine. And, if there any tips that work for you then do share in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

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Post Author: Dishki

2 thoughts on “Tips when Parenting does not go as planned!


    (4th March 2019 - 14:31)

    Figuring out the solution instead of shouting at the problem is the best thing we can do. This is such a time saviour and keeps you calm.
    Thank you for participating in momology blog train contest.


    (4th March 2019 - 01:47)

    Beautifully expressed Disha and a few really helpful pointers.

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