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We have covered the length & breadth of the country, and its time to explore the heart of India, the state of Madhya Pradesh. And, I must say the Madhya Pradesh tourism department advertisements to promote tourism work like a charm to attract people. You can check out the latest one here or visit their YouTube channel here.

Costumes of Madhya Pradesh

The traditional attire for men is dhoti and a headgear Safa/turban. They also complement it with a white or black jacket called Bandi, mostly prominent in Bundelkhand region. Tribal men generally wear short-sized dhotis. Ethnic wear for women is Lehenga & Choli with a Odhni. Lac bangles and jewellery are famous in the markets of Indore and Rewa.

Food of Madhya Pradesh

The state has plenty to offer for all taste buds. The Bhundeli hospitality offers Murar Ke Kebabs, Kodu Til Ka Baat (rice with black sesame) and the Bhundeli Ghost. Bhopal is ‘Meat Lovers Paradise’ and do not forget to try the Sheek Kebab made of mince lamb, fresh mint, curry paste, green chillies etc. For snacks, try the Indori Poha and Jalebi.

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Source : NDTV Food

Dance and Music of Madhya Pradesh

The tribal influence on dance is visible with dances like Gaur, Muria, Sugga, Saila are noteworthy. Gaur Dance imitates the moves of a vicious Bison as a praise for hunting spirit of the tribal people. Saila is a dance with a stick where the dancers hop on one leg holding on to their adjacent dancer.

Karma dance is oldest form of the state and is performed during Karma festival and it has various forms like Jhumar, Ghatwar or Ektaria.

Festivals of Madhya Pradesh

Diwali, Dusshera and Holi are major festivals of the heart of India. A special festival organized by the Madhya Pradesh Adivasi Lok Kala Academy, Lokrang Festival is the festival of dance, where the dancers showcase various folk dances on folk music on the stage.

Khajuraho Festival is organized as a week-long dance festival, where many performances take place in the open air like Kathak, Kuchipudi, Manipuri and Khathakali.

Special Mentions

Jahaz Mahal, Mandu is built on a narrow strip of land, in the middle of two lakes Munj Talao and Kapur Talao & it makes Jahaz Mahal look as if it’s floating. And, Khajuraho Group of Monuments are one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The temples are famous for their nagara-style architectural symbolism & their erotic sculptures. Ujjain is known for Mahakaleshwar Temple, which is one of the Jyotirlings in the country.

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Image source: mptourism(dot)com

I have spent few years of my childhood in Madhya Pradesh in Khandwa and have fond memories of it. Kids would easily go from one home to another and would be welcomed. Given a chance even now, I would love to live in Indore.

Have you visited Madhya Pradesh or lived in the state? What did you like the most about it? Looking forward to hear your stories in comments.

This post is written as part of Indian Culture Diary for #AtoZChallenge. Do come back for more posts in the series.


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