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After numerous states of India, it is time to explore the culture of the smallest Union Territory of India –Lakshadweep. It  means “one hundred thousand islands” in Sanskrit and Malayalam. Though the majority of population is Muslim ethnicity now, the original inhabitants are believed to be four communities -Aminidivi, Koyas, Malmis and Melacheris. The culture is influenced from the neighboring state of Kerela.

Dances of Lakshadweep

Kolkali and Parichakali are the two popular folk art forms. ‘Lava’ is a popular dance form in Minicoy. Some of the folk dances have a resemblance with those in North Eastern India. For marriages, “Oppana” is a common feature, a song sung by a lead singer and followed by a group of women.

Food habits

Fish, rice and coconut are staple diet of the people of the state. And, the food habits are influenced by the neighboring state of Kerela. Influx of tourists has also added to food habits. Continental, Thai and Chinese are also common nowadays.

Image Source: NDTV Food

Arts and Crafts

Handicrafts and jewelry made of corals, shells and oysters can be found at street side vendors in abundance. Coir made handicrafts is also extremely popular among tourists.

Special Mentions

The Scuba Diving on the islands of Lakshadweep and the Agatti Aerodrome which is surrounded by blue lagoons and coral reefs.

Image result for agatti airport

I have never been to Lakshadweep Islands, but I dream about the sun-kissed beaches and clear waters. Have you visited these islands? How was the experience? I would love to hear from you! 🙂

This post is part of Indian Culture Diary for #AtoZChallenge. Do visit us again for more post in this series!

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