Rant 101 by a mother!

Motherhood is an emotional ride with ups and downs. Nothing can be more depressing than others raising doubt on your abilities as a mother. In a span of few months, I have had a varied range of experience – some good and some bad. As title suggests this is going to be a rant post, so you might want to skip it!

For all those unwanted relatives questioning my ability to feed my child and telling that he is getting thinner each passing day. Thanks for letting me know! I do not pay attention to my child. And, certainly do not give him food. You fail to notice a mother’s effort to feed a fussy eater. Giving me unsolicited advice (like – “We used to do blah-blah back in our day”) is of no help to me. If you are an expert with kids then help me by taking over baby duties for some time.

To all the aunts telling me to always carry my child in my arms because ‘Prams and Strollers are just modern nuisances’. Aunty ji, these modern nuisances were made to ease my motherhood journey and I will use it. And, for those telling me not to carry my child because he will become clingy – a child needs mother’s touch!! So, let me decide when to hold my baby and when not.

What should I do about all those times when I hear,’Beta the baby is crying, he must be hungry.’ A child can cry for infinite reasons. He maybe hungry, sleepy, bored, colicky or needs change of diaper. Being hungry is not the sole reason of his existence. Each cry has different meaning and be assured that I can understand my child’s needs.

Why do you work? or Why do you stay at home?

Why do you have a maid? or Why have you put your child in day-care?

Do you let your kid watch TV? or Why don’t you cook yourself?

What I chose to do is my decision. So, stop being judgmental. I want my child to be raised as I was, in a large family setting. But all the negativity does not make it easier. So, let’s learn to support each other because it takes a village to raise a child!

This is the third post for #MyFriendAlexa campaign. I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter. Read my last post on parenting 101 here.

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