Friday Night Fantasy ! #AtoZChallenge

‘Friday night and the lights are low Looking out for a place to go…’  – Abba (Dancing Queen) I was in school when I first sang this song as part of music competition and it has stuck with me ever since. This song was our first encounter with the Friday feeling. Friday nights are meant […]

Enchanting Amritsar- My travel story! #AtoZChallenge

Amritsar – the city is one of the major tourist destinations in India. City attracts Indians and foreigners alike. I have been fascinated with the city for as long as I remember & got an opportunity to visit it last year. It is the spiritual center for Sikhism. How to reach Amritsar: The city is […]

‘D’ for Direction in Life ? #AtoZChallenge

Direction is one of the most controversial words from the English vocabulary. Whole life we are bombarded with questions like – what direction is your life going? What direction is the career going? After all, why do we even need so many questions. Irony of my life is that my name also means direction! People joke about […]

Curse of Cancer… #AtoZChallenge

Cancer is a life-threatening disease which results from abnormal growth of cells. It affects different people in different ways. Whatever be the case, the person suffers – both physically and mentally. Family and friends around the person also feel the same pain. Seeing your loved ones go through the treatment is hard. Just today morning […]


Bride-to-be ! #AtoZChallenge

It’s time to party! Let’s break into dance & continue all night. After all you have found love of your life. It’s your engagement and no one can be happier than me. Just few days more to go! You don’t have an idea of how much I am missing being with you right now. Just […]

Entrance Gate

A day at Gommateshwara Baahubali statue,Shravanabelagola ! #AtoZChallenge

Every journey that I take teaches me a thing or two. Some journeys are taken not for us but for our souls. Being in India, it’s very natural for us to visit religious places. Visiting a temple or a mosque or a church gives your soul peace. It brings you closer to the One above. […]

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Journey called life !

‘Let the soldier move forward & face the enemy, they shall be victorious’, ordered the general. ‘The enemy is more powerful and outnumbers us by plenty… But we will not bow down’, cried the soldier raising the war slogan. As the days ensued, the enemy weakened and was thus defeated. ‘Bravo soldier, your efforts have […]

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